GitHub Copilot, the AI-powered code completion tool developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI, has announced the release of its enterprise version, Copilot for Business. The new version, available for a subscription fee of $19 per month, includes additional features and advanced security options, making it ideal for enterprise-level businesses and developers.

The new enterprise version of GitHub Copilot offers various improvements over previous versions, including a new OpenAI Codex model, which delivers better results for code synthesis, and better context understanding through a new paradigm called Fill-In-the-Middle (FIM). These technical improvements will provide developers with a more seamless coding experience and reduce the time it takes to serve code suggestions to users.

Moreover, the Copilot for Business version features AI-based security vulnerability filtering, which automatically blocks common insecure code suggestions by targeting issues such as hardcoded credentials, SQL injections, and path injections. With this added security feature, businesses can rest assured that their codebase is safe and secure.

Copilot integrates into existing corporate infrastructure

GitHub Copilot for Business is officially here with simple license management, organization-wide policy controls, and industry-leading privacy. The tool now supports corporate VPN access and centralized seat management, as well as enabling companies to use Copilot without storing their code on GitHub. Although businesses can still store their code on GitHub, this feature offers a level of flexibility for companies that may require additional security measures.

GitHub has created a waitlist for the business-specific version of the tool in November, and it is now publicly available. As a result, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the advanced AI model and new capabilities that will enable developers to write code faster and with increased accuracy.

Key Features of GitHub Copilot for Business

The new Copilot for Business version is packed with several advanced features, including:

  • An upgraded AI Codex model: GitHub Copilot has been upgraded to a new OpenAI Codex model, which delivers better results for code synthesis.
  • Better context understanding: With the new paradigm called Fill-In-the-Middle (FIM), developers can expect a better crafting experience and more intelligent code suggestions.
  • AI-based security vulnerability filtering: Copilot for Business can detect several types of security issues, including spotting code that may facilitate SQL injections and path injections.
  • Centralized seat management: The new business plan supports centralized seat management, which enables organizations to manage their seats in a central location and maintain control over who can access the tool.
  • Corporate VPN access: With Copilot for Business, companies can access the tool using a corporate VPN, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Organization-wide policy controls: The enterprise version provides organization-wide policy controls, allowing businesses to customize their policies and ensure their teams adhere to them.

Benefits of GitHub Copilot for Business

GitHub Copilot for Business has several benefits for businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Faster coding: Copilot for Business uses AI to suggest code, allowing developers to write code faster and more accurately.
  • Increased security: With AI-based security vulnerability filtering, Copilot for Business automatically blocks common insecure code suggestions, ensuring that the codebase is safe and secure.
  • Greater efficiency: With the new AI model and improved context understanding, Copilot for Business will provide developers with better crafting and more intelligent code suggestions, ultimately leading to increased efficiency.
  • Flexibility: With the option to use Copilot for Business without storing code on GitHub, businesses can customize their security measures based on their specific requirements.

The Taleaway

GitHub Copilot for Business is a powerful tool for businesses and developers, providing an efficient, secure, and flexible coding experience. With advanced AI capabilities, improved context understanding, and AI-based security vulnerability filtering, businesses of all sizes can now benefit from faster and more accurate coding.