Hackers and scammers are taking advantage of the excitement surrounding HBO’s new adaptation of The Last of Us by targeting fans of the popular video game franchise. Technology expert Prateek Jha from VPNOverview.com has recently warned fans of two scams currently circulating.

Malware Scam Offering ‘The Last of Us Part II’ for PC

The first scam involves a website that offers “The Last of Us Part II” for download, but anyone who attempts to download this fraudulent game will get malware on their device. Kaspersky researchers shared with VPNOverview details of this scam designed to inject PCs with malware. According to Kaspersky, gamers are a popular target for cybercriminals since they may steal their gaming accounts with internal currency and rare skins. Kaspersky suggests that the best way to stay ahead of such scams is to exercise caution and only download video games from official sources and trusted websites.

Phishing Scam Targeting Payment Data

The second scam involves a phishing site that bundles an activation code for The Last of Us on PlayStation with a “gift” such as a PlayStation 5 or a $100 Roblox gift card. Users must pay a commission fee by entering their credentials and credit card data to receive the code and the gift, but in return, they are left with nothing, and scammers could use the stolen data to conduct various types of online fraud. Kaspersky researchers also noted that cybercriminals actively lure their victims with trendy games and that gamers can download malware disguised as legitimate software. Kaspersky suggests that to stay safe, activate two-factor authentication, use unique, secure passwords for all online accounts, and keep operating systems and apps updated.

New Fans Should Be Careful

These new scams are targeting new fans the HBO series brings to the franchise, so it’s essential to stay vigilant. According to Kaspersky, between 2021 and 2022, there were over three million phishing attacks on online gaming platforms, with most of these designed to steal gamers’ account credentials and financial data. Long-time fans and players are likely up to date on the latest release information and cybersecurity practices, but new fans should exercise caution and only download video games from official sources and trusted websites. If you come across any deals that seem too good to be true, do a quick Google search to check out their legitimacy.